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What is a Spiritual Life Coach [in less than 100 Words]?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019


A spiritual life coach works with people to deepen their spiritual practice by aligning what they do with who they are. You help individuals connect their life purpose with their beliefs so they can live authentically in every part of their lives. Global Connections Academy of Stockbridge, GA offers a coaching program that equips you with the tools to coach people while making a living doing meaningful work.

Start helping people achieve personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Register today for Global Connections Academy’s spiritual life coaching certification.

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1 Comment

I attended the Life Coach Certitication Course with Professor Chris. The training was informative, hands on and interactive; immulating real life senarios and using approches to help guide your clients to their desired goals. I recommend GCA training for anyone interested in pursing a career as a Life Coach.

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