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9:00AM TO 5:00PM


The Global Chaplain Coalition is a training and certifying agency dedicated to the formation of Chaplaincy Ministries around the globe.  This is accomplished through a combination of several disciplines, education, administration, consulting and encouragement through Pastoral Care for members.  They work with Churches, governments and businesses to aid in the establishment of Chaplaincy Ministries at local, national, regional and continental levels.  They certify their Chaplains to be highly trained in working with people across the board-secular and religious-during challenging times in their lives.  The GCC also serves as a type of "support group" for it's members, meaning that they provide a forum for Professional Chaplains to be able to dialogue with one another concerning the stresses and challenges, as well as the positive influences and outcomes that typically accompany the ministry of Chaplaincy.
They also recognize that although cultures and traditions vary from country to country, human suffering is global, and they are dedicated to helping men and women prepare themselves to offer a ministry of presence and accomplishment to those who are in pain.

We respect each individual’s religious views and assist with making connections with other spiritual leaders as requested by residents.  We are able to lead weekly worship services, Communion services, Bible studies, and other spiritual activities.  We are prepared to offer religious ministries consistent with his or her own faith group, and to assist individuals and loved ones in identifying sources for religious ministries which we cannot provide. If the services of a spiritual leader of a particular faith group are needed, we will assist in locating an appropriate person to help. Pastoral counseling may be provided on a short-term basis for patients, families, and staff.  As GCMI Chaplains we provide spiritual and emotional support to people in many different settings.  We will listen to individuals and groups who are in a very vulnerable place.   We celebrate with families who received great news.  We help mark the beginning of lives, the end of lives and the many transforming moments in between as we are led.
We are called to be spiritual caregivers to those in need.  We are dedicated to supporting the emotional wellness of others.

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