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What Is a Life Coach?



A life coach is a professional who facilitates growth and a transformation so people can live a happy, fulfilling life.  By becoming a life coach, you can help your clients:

  • Identify the obstacles standing in their way

  • Create strategies to overcome their obstacles

  • Develop awareness of self-sabotaging behavior

  • Acquire tools that can help them manage self-limiting thoughts and behaviors

  • Embrace who they are and use their gifts to live the life of their dreams

  • Life coaching and therapeutic services are both callings of the heart. They are also both beneficial to the community; however, the roles are not the same.


Next Class February 20th, 2021

Coaching Class Expectations

Through this lesson, you will learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions of new coaches as well as gain some clarity around some important coaching definitions.

Being aware and understanding how the human mind functions in order to help an individual, group or professional organization achieve goals that they would not otherwise have been able to. What is the International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition of coaching?

Environmental decline, health issues, a tense political climate and extremism are just a few of the concerns we hear about daily.

They are also the reasons to champion positive psychology, where you look within yourself, to enhance your life experiences. It is an excellent time to become a life coach because people seek guidance to transform their lives.

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