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Become a Certified Professional Life Coach

Global Connections Academy of Life Coaching teaches you how to be a great coach by using our proven coaching system during this course. Our hands-on instructional life coach training course ensures you will gain the knowledge needed to succeed.

Signs You Are Ready to Coach

  • People usually come to you for advice and you have a positive impact on them.

  • You seek personal growth and seek a career that will utilize your strengths.

  • You see great potential in people and are frustrated when they don’t exercise that potential.

  • You emphasize healthy relationships and a balanced life with many interests, including vitality in health and career.

  • You are ready to create more personal and financial freedom.

  • You know you have a gift – and you want to share it to help yourself and others live a more powerful and fulfilling life.

Interesting Facts About Coaching

  • Clients are 80% more likely to attain goals with a trained and certified coach.

  • Potential clients see the certification of a coach as proof of their training and experience.

  • Being able to tell your client you are certified gives you the confidence a potential client senses. It attracts them to you (which means less work on your part).

  • From a recent ICF study, they found that over 90% of full-time coaches earn $80,000.00 annually or more.

Welcome to the GCA Life Coaching Program

  • Are you interested in a purposeful career, helping others achieve their goals?

  • Do you find yourself naturally encouraging family, friends, and colleagues?

  • Do you have a high level of empathy for others?

  • Are you interested in being a Certified Life coach and building a client portfolio?

  • This certification will prepare you for a viable coaching business:

  • GCA Core Competencies and Code of Ethics

  • Foundational Coaching Skills

  • Building Motivation

  • The Guiding Principles of Coaching

  • The Change Process

  • Exploring Options

  • Removing Blocks

  • Creating Vision and Accountability

  • SMART Action Plans

  • Self-Awareness

  • Marketing your Coaching Business 

7.5 CCE Course

"Connecting With My Clients"


Through this lesson, you will learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions of new coaches as well as gain some clarity around some important coaching definitions.

What is a coach?

Being aware and understanding how the human mind functions in order to help an individual, group or professional organization achieve goals that they would not otherwise have been able to. What is the International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition of coaching?


I know you can hear me, but I want you to listen to. Those two things are not the same. The writer Paul Ferrennie said 99% of what we hear begins with what’s already in our mind. Listening comes from the heart, from the right now moment when you make a connection with the person that you’re talking to. Listening has no judgment, no expectation. Listening is a process of love.

Who am I not trained to deal with?

It is important that you note that you are not a therapist unless the laws in your state and province deem otherwise, therefore, you are not qualified to deal with clients who possess problems that you have not been trained to deal with.

As a general rule, coaching deals with the present/future and therapy deals with the pain of the past. If a client is mentally ill but is stable (and dealing with other professionals) then coaching may be beneficial to this person. This will ultimately be your decision. To protect yourself as a coach, always let your clients know what your qualifications are and have your client sign the client agreement prior to beginning your relationship. More on this topic will be covered later on in the program.

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